Beautiful gifts from Aveda for Christmas

We thought we would share with you the beautiful array of limited edition gift boxes that have just arrived earlier this week... Perfect for a luxurious christmas gift. All full with luxurious Aveda products!

The green paper on AVEDAs gift sets? It's handcrafted and employs 5,500* people in Nepal - helping to change lives. Mothers can send their children to school and become providers with their income. Fathers who had to leave for work can now find it in their communities. Our Certified Wildlife Friendly® paper helps protect animals' habitats, too.

You can now bespoke your AVEDA gifts this christmas using our bespoke box and wrapping in salon... so you can purchase exactly what you know your friend would like plus you can keep gifts on budget... bonus! Take a look at our pre made boxes...

This beautiful stress relieving gift set contains two products that contain the stress-relieving aroma infused with Lavendar, A Stress Fix hand creme plus a stress fix concentrate that you can use to massage into your temples or simply use on your wrists for a simple fix in your busy day.


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